Unleashing the Potential of Brewer’s Yeast: Exciting new opportunities toward more sustainable food solutions

Esslingen / Berlin – 27.05.2024

At ProteinDistillery, our mission is to pioneer innovative and sustainable alternatives for the food manufacturing industry. After the successful launch of Prew:tein™, our functional protein derived from brewer’s yeast, we’re excited to further unleashing the potential of brewer’s yeast. This remarkable ingredient is not just a byproduct; it’s a gateway to a plethora of sustainable and versatile food solutions.

Brewer’s yeast as a flavor enhancer ingredient 

Prew:taste™ is derived from the same yeast used in brewing beer and baking bread. However, instead of fermenting, the yeast cells are broken down through our own internal process. This process releases the cell contents, which are then refined to produce a rich, savory extract packed with amino acids, peptides, and minerals. The result is a potent flavor enhancer that’s naturally high in umami—the fifth taste that enhances the savory flavor of food. 

The versatility of Prew:taste™ makes it a valuable ingredient across various food sectors. Here’s what our team at ProteinDistillery has been working toward over the past months: 

  1. Flavor Enhancer for Food Manufacturers

One of the primary applications of our new product is as a natural flavor enhancer. Our research and internal commitment to value our own side streams led us to develop Prew:taste™. Its functionalities help amplify flavor profiles without the addition of artificial additives or excessive sodium. Its rich, savory flavor allows manufacturers to reduce added salt, sugar, and fat. By enhancing overall flavor and masking reductions, Prew:taste™ proves vital for producing delicious, nutritionally balanced foods that meet consumer demands. 

Prew:taste™ makes it an ideal solution for food manufacturers looking to meet the growing consumer demand for clean-label products. In addition to nutritionally balanced foods that do not compromise on taste! Its versatile taste offers range from enhancing the meaty or cheesy flavor in non-animal product alternatives to the richness of broth (think of delicious ramen for instance).  

  1. Sustainable Ingredient for Pet Food

Additionally to its use in human food, natural flavor enhancer has significant potential in the pet food industry. Our second use of the Prew:taste™ fraction is specifically designed to enhance the nutritional content and taste of pet food. Rich in proteins, it provides a dietary supplement that supports the overall health and well-being of pets. Plus, combined with its unique flavor enhancement properties, it also provides the meat-y taste frequently missing in plant-based pet food. This application not only adds value to the pet food market but also aligns with sustainable practices by utilizing all byproducts of yeast processing. 

The Sustainable Edge 

At ProteinDistillery, sustainability is at the core of our product development. By utilizing the entire yeast cell, we minimize waste and create products that support the ecological balance. Our approach not only meets the nutritional needs of today but also ensures a more sustainable food system for the future. 

Prew:taste™ is proving to be a cornerstone in the development of functional and sustainable food ingredients. From enhancing the taste of your favorite meals to providing essential nutrients in pet foods, it offers a multifaceted solution that caters to both the palate and the planet. Lastly, similar to Prew:tein™, Prew:taste™ is also considered as non-GMO and non-novel food as it comes from brewer yeast.  

The journey of Prew:taste™ from a simple byproduct to a staple in sustainable food innovation reflects the transformative potential of biotechnology in the food industry. At ProteinDistillery, we are excited to continue exploring and expanding the horizons of what can be achieved with this extraordinary ingredient. Stay tuned as we unveil more sustainable, taste-enhancing solutions that promise not only to satisfy culinary tastes but also to nourish a growing world responsibly. 

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