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Empowering food companies to make plant-based foods the new norm through clean, functional protein ingredients.

Relying on one of mankind’s oldest cultural technologies, we create clean label protein ingredients with superior functional and nutritional properties. These proteins can replace animal-based ingredients and reduce or fully eliminate unwanted additives in a variety of food products.


We offer a highly functional, vegan and non-novel food protein ingredient made from brewer’s yeast. Our product delivers extraordinary functionality in a wide range of applications:

Clean solutions

Meat Alternatives

The better solution without the egg

Egg Replacement

Enabling a fully egg-free bakery

Baked Goods

Milk & Cheese without the animal

Dairy Alternatives


With our process, we separate brewer’s yeast into its functional building blocks and then recompose them to meet the needs of our customers. Our unique, gentle processing ensures a clean and fully native protein that can be used in food products to bring all the benefits of animal-based protein functionalities, without sacrificing taste, quality, or nutritional value.

Main Characteristics & Functionalities

Main Characteristics & Functionalities

Our Main Pillars

Icon Sustainably Upcycled

Sustainably Upcycled Materials

Sources from side streams, our proteins outperform alternative meat and plant proteins in the critical environmental factors carbon, water, and land use.

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Safe & Secure

A short and controlled supply chain provides the reassurance of consistent year round supply without seasonal variance in quality or availability.

Icon: Supportive & Scalable Partners

Supportive & Scalable Partners

We offer the expertise and facilities to enable our customers to successfully develop and test applications, produce in pilot factory conditions and integrate those into their own manufacturing process.

Engage with Us

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Food Production

As a food producer, aiming to serve changing consumer interests, you want to offer healthy products to your customers. 

Using our protein ingredient, it will allow you to reduce or eliminate unwanted additives and animal components (e.g., eggs) from your products. By working with us, you will receive the support of our technical team in composing the perfect (c)lean label recipe for your specific application. Ranging from purely functional aspects such as irreversible gelling to taste profiles of neutral or umami flavors, our proteins can be tailored to your needs.

Foto Upcycling Biomass

Upcycling Biomass

At ProteinDistillery, we believe in utilizing side streams to create a better future. Our innovative approach to producing vegan protein

leverages the microorganisms found in biomass like, for example, brewer’s yeast from brewing beer, making your industry by-products our input materials. This symbiotic relationship not only allows us to offer high-quality protein ingredients to the market, but it also supports your efforts towards a more circular and sustainable economy. By collaborating with us, you can help reduce waste and drive positive change in the food industry.

Let’s find out how we can jointly create a healthier future for food!

About Us

Within our four-member founding team, we brought together a large amount of top-tier biotech-, food processing- and business administration knowledge with many years of experience. Supported by an advisory board with wide-ranging competencies in food and biotech, we are optimally positioned, both technically and economically.

Christoph Pitter

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Sales & Technology

Marco Ries

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Finance & BizDev

Tomas Kurz

Co-Founder, Product & Operations

Michael Baunach

Co-Founder, Process & Engineering

Let’s get together and create a healthier future for food

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