ProteinDistillery partners with Netzsch for their production plant

Esslingen / Berlin – 25.03.2024

Our relevance in shaping the future of food  

ProteinDistillery uses an innovative patented process to transform various biomass sources into functional proteins for commercial food production. Currently focusing on brewer’s yeast, the transformation of other industry side streams is planned for the future.  

Our core product, Prew:tein ™, is a compelling alternative to traditional animal-based proteins, which have long been considered the gold standard in the food industry. ProteinDistillery is the first company to provide a functional vegan protein that delivers functionality akin to egg white protein.  

The result is heightened consumer acceptance of vegan alternatives, translating into increased sales for our B2B clients in food manufacturing. To start producing larger volume to support our customer demands and expand our product portfolio, ProteinDistillery is currently building its own production facilities in Southern Germany.  

Our mission conveys a strong transformation within the food industry. Our functional products are crucial for ensuring a stable and secure food supply chain in the face of fluctuating environmental conditions and geopolitical uncertainties. By valorizing unused streams, ProteinDistillery not only optimizes resource utilization but also addresses the critical need for sustainable and efficient food production methods. By turning different types of biomasses into products, it reduces the risks that come from depending on single products and the need for specific weather and locations. This approach fosters a more resilient and innovative industry landscape. 

About Netzsch and our partnership  

Netzsch stands out as an innovator in the grinding and dispersing industry, offering unparalleled machinery and expertise from its 150 years of operation. This extensive experience makes Netzsch not just a supplier but a valuable model for companies looking to excel in their fields. Learning from Netzsch means gaining insights from a world market leader, enabling us to improve and innovate with top-notch technology and knowledge. Partnering with Netzsch offers us the chance to grow and become more competitive, underscoring its significant role in driving industry progress. 

Our collaboration with Netzsch is essential to our operations, where they provide us with critical machinery essential for advancing our protein purification processes. This partnership is characterized by dynamic feedback loops between Netzsch engineers and our team at ProteinDistillery, allowing for continuous refinement and innovation. Through this close cooperation, we are not just utilizing their equipment but actively engaging in a co-development effort. This process ensures that we are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge purification methods, leveraging Netzsch’s technological prowess and our industry insights to achieve excellence in our field. 

Looking ahead, our cooperation with Netzsch is expected to enter an exciting new phase aimed at scaling up our operations and facilitating our entry into worldwide markets. Leveraging Netzsch’s extensive international presence, we plan to expand our next-generation facilities, tapping into their global network and expertise. This strategic partnership will not only enhance our capabilities but also ensure that we can bring our innovative and sustainable product to a broader audience. With Netzsch’s support, we’re set to accelerate our growth and make significant strides in the industry, positioning ourselves as a key player in the global market. 

Building on our strengths 

ProteinDistillery is proud to have Netzsch as a strong partner as it allows us to work and learn from an industry giant known for its high degree of innovation. Their extensive experience and advanced technological capabilities not only accelerate our development processes but also enhance our product quality. This partnership ensures we stay at the cutting edge of the protein purification industry, leveraging Netzsch’s expertise to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, making it a cornerstone of our strategy for success and growth. 

For Netzsch, collaborating with a young startup like ProteinDistillery offers a strategic opportunity to diversify and innovate within new realms, particularly in microorganism-based protein processes. This collaboration not only allows Netzsch to extend its expertise into the burgeoning field of sustainable protein production but also enables the sustainable growth within the business field. Partnering with an agile and innovative startup enables Netzsch to stay ahead of industry trends and explore fresh avenues for growth, ultimately enriching their portfolio and reinforcing their position as a forward-thinking leader in the industry. 

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